WSSimulator is a new open source library that easily allows for you to simulate web service calls and their responses. Useful for when can not (or don’t want to) interact with web services but need to still test these points in your code without mocking objects.

When to use WSSimulator?

  • If you quickly need to serve up static repeatable content over HTTP.
  • In integration tests when real web service calls cannot be made (for example, when the producing service does not yet exist, costs prohibit calling the services within tests or the services are not accessible). Continue reading

Kickass features in Intellij IDEA

I would like to reflect over some lesser known features offered by intellij IDEA that have helped while working in real world projects over the past few months.  

For those who don’t know, Intellij IDEA (and from now on, ‘Intellij’) is a polyglot IDE developed by Jetbrains while is primarily focused to the JVM market but as has first class support for popular web based platforms, database and server systems, cloud and platform services along with supporting wealth of languages and data standard such as Groovy, Scala, Python, JSON or XML and so on..

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